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About the Artist

Creating art has always been my vehicle for healing and transformation. I used paint and canvas to express the feelings I had no words for and eventually that led me to create vibrational art that was beyond words. It has been a gift and my salvation.


My twin brother Mark died a day after we were born. I painted my grief over and over again until one day the wound transformed and I painted our reunion: one twin in heaven the other on earth, and the beauty of the connection above and below a blessing instead of a loss.

When I needed eye surgery to correct my childhood strabismus I painted my search for single vision.


In 2000, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I used my artwork to chronicle my cancer experience. I’m currently in the process of turning my original website version of Breast Heaven” into a book, available on amazon soon.


When my mother died in 2003, I did not think I could survive the loss of her. I created wands and carvings in an attempt to psychically connect with her. Her passing became the gateway that connected me more deeply to the spirit world.


In 2009, my sister-in-law Holly Whitstock Seeger, a brilliant artist and the web master for my site, sent me a used book from the 1950’s about spirit writing. I couldn’t wait to try it. I closed my eyes and waited for spirit to move my hand. After many days of failure eventually my hand moved separate from my conscious mind. It was thrilling. The channeled drawings carry a unique energy, and I feel blessed to be able to share them with you.


In 2017, I ventured into a new medium that I call vibrational art. In a meditative state I become a conduit that transfers the energy from above into physical form. In the process of creating I experience a heightened sense of spiritual connectivity. I have been told the viewer also experiences that same sensation.


In 2018, I tried painting with words instead of paint. The end result was the creation of the book, Relatively Random Musings. It was a wonderful experience and is currently available on Amazon.

In 2020, I started making videos. They have become my newest art form and can be viewed on my YouTube Channel.

Mindy Seeger, Artist


L.A Art House (2009)
James Gray Gallery - Bergamot Station  (2007)
Alex Haleigh Gallery  (2004)
The ARTbar Gallery - "The Lost Women of Juarez"  Fundraiser  (2004)
Susan G. Komen - "Fashion For The Cure" event  (2004)
BGH Gallery - "Art Heals" September 11th Fund (2001)
Lulu's Beehive  (2000)
3 Seventeen Gallery  (1996)

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