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Mindy Reflection #48

I figured it out. One of the truest things about me is the need to move counter intuitively through space and time. Anything that becomes a daily task turns into a joyless job I no longer want to show up for. It’s wonderful to embrace the truth of who I am. I am someone who emerges for periods of time and then retreats. This will never change because there is no need for it to be different than what it is. In my time away from you I realized I had more posts to share but needed to do it in my own unpredictable way. I will post and then disappear until I’m inspired to post again. There will be no way to figure out a pattern, it will be wonderfully random. I thought I was done with all this but my guides have encouraged me to allow a few more words to flow through me. I refused them repeatedly until I understood that I just needed to figure out how to alter this form so it could work for me. This post is already writing itself as I adjust the conditions around me to accommodate who I am. If I have the courage to make the changes I need to, I can have a more joyful experience of whatever I’m doing. I sold my car recently and joined the Uber revolution. I drove for thirty years but never loved it. It was becoming too costly to keep servicing my car. I was not using it as much as I had in the past and spiders were building nests under the engine. I decided to take a chance and alter my circumstances. Releasing my car out into the universe has completely changed my experience of traveling in the world. Rather than forcing myself to keep doing what I’ve always done and thought I always had to do, I’ve stopped the activity that was no longer true for me. I took back my power and adjusted my universe to accommodate my needs. Today I celebrate the power I have been given to stop being who I’m not and to embrace who I’ve become. One small change carries a domino effect that triggers other changes and before I know it I have changed my world.

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