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Mindy Reflection #8

Things don’t always go as we wish. Yesterday was a day I just couldn’t bend to my will. I did manage to get three annoying paper cuts, so that’s kind of an accomplishment, but not in the right direction. Sometimes there’s a flow and all unfolds beautifully, other days I’m swimming against the tide. A few years ago I was working on a wood carving of Joan of Arc. It was going so well until the knife slipped, the wood cracked, and poor Joan almost lost her head. I did not give up, I simply adjusted my vision of Joan with a slightly smaller head. Things progressed poorly from there. I couldn’t save her, but I couldn’t let her go yet. Every day I would say, “Joan gets to live another day” because I already knew her days were numbered. The wood snapped and finally Joan and I were both put out of our misery. She didn’t need to manifest in physical form, she had through the process of creating already given me the strength I had needed from her. Sometimes, even when I don’t want to, I have to let go of my vision for the day. Life will unfold as it unfolds. When it feels like it’s all going the wrong way, maybe it only seems wrong because I didn’t see it coming. Today I will embrace the life I’ve been given.

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