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Relatively Random Musings #7

Anything can happen to anyone at any time. What a horrible idea. Who can feel relaxed under those circumstances? Where is my protective bubble? Maybe it’s in the fantasy store I made up in my mind, where you can also purchase a unicorn sandwich. Life will always unfold as it’s meant to. It was my understanding of life that needed overhauling. As long as I insisted on a fairytale existence every tragic event would be perceived as a gypsy curse or a cosmic error. My pain is always in direct proportion to the demands I place on life to fit my designs. When I stopped insisting on a fairytale I no longer felt victimized by my earth experience. Oh, I may still occasionally shed a few tears but when mixed with all my moments of joy it all balances out. My only demand now is on myself to suffer less and embrace more of my mysterious soul journey.

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