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Relatively Random Musings #8

How hard is it to be brave? Is it as hard as feeling like a coward? In the past I know I was brave when a few intense life events descended upon me. But was I only brave in a dramatic scenario? Aren’t there a million every day opportunities to be brave? I think those are harder to do. In an extreme crisis, all eyes are upon you, so of course you try to have a big spirit and rise to the occasion. But when it’s just me without an audience I’m tempted to wear the yellow stripe of cowardice. Sometimes I force myself to be brave because I can’t stand the alternative. Make the call. Take the action. Ask for what you want. Dare to be you. All you’ve got to lose is the yellow stripe of fear. I will be braver than I think I can be because it’s so much easier than being a coward.

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