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Mindy Reflection #9

I would like to know. I would like to figure it all out. How am I doing this? Why am I doing this? How long will I be doing this? When I was a little girl I broke apart a music box to see what made the ballerina dance. The mechanical workings were more interesting to me than that silly ballerina going round and round. Once I had destroyed it completely, what was I left with? A broken box. Knowing comes at a price. My desire to know took away the mystery of that magical music box, and once I had broken the ballerina I started to miss the beauty of her dance. When I insist on knowing I remove myself from the experience I’m having. Yes, I feel smarter, but I forfeit the wonder of my journey. When I ask my spirit guides for future forecasts, they remind me that I agreed to experience this lifetime fully, knowing would alter that experience. Today I will embrace the mystery of my life, and I will marvel at the surprises that await me.

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