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Mindy Reflection #10

Square peg round hole. If you fit that’s wonderful, life will seem easier for you. If you’re a square, you still have a chance if you can just smooth out those edges. If you’re a hexagon, I’m sorry, you’re screwed. Why did I want to fit so desperately into your idea of who I was supposed to be? And who holds my measuring stick now? In olden days a woman was valued for having wide birthing hips. What woman today would want those hips? Do the measuring sticks change with the times? Parents used to chart a child’s height by making marks on a door jam. My parents never did this, either the door jam was not meant for marking or they didn’t value height as an accomplishment. So, if no one marks my progress, do I stop growing? If no one is measuring me, how can I gauge my stature? In truth, it’s a faulty system. You will never be able to accurately measure my soul’s progress or who I am meant to be, or what I was supposed to do in this incarnation. Today know that you are a uniquely beautiful hexagon. The magnificence of you is beyond all measuring, and you fit perfectly into the divine plan for your life.

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