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Mindy Reflection #13

I was born with a lazy eye, the muscles never developed fully. The term lazy stayed with me longer than the condition. They could surgically fix my eye, but I could not surgically remove the judgment. They said I was not smart. Yes, I was looking out the window instead of at the blackboard, so I helped to create that perception. Was I not smart? Or did they not see my wisdom? I internalized everything that was ever said about me. I blew it out of proportion and made it the gospel. I let it define who I was. When they stopped defining me, I took over the task for them. I became even better at diminishing me than they ever were. Without knowing it they gave me license to never try, to never fail, and to not bother at all. Today, I work very hard at not letting those ancient ideas about myself stop me from becoming who I truly am. Sometimes, I hear my spirit guides pleading with me to just be quiet, and stop having so many opinions about who I am and what I can and cannot do. I am more than I know, I can do more than I imagined. Today I will stop repeating old ideas about myself. If all of us can unlock the prisons of our old beliefs, we will be amazed at who we truly are.

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