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Mindy Reflection #15

Constructive criticism? Is it constructive or just controlling? Do you truly know the best plan for my life? And why do you have so many ideas for my improvement? The answer is simple, you love me and want me to succeed. It’s sweet, but misguided. What was tailor made for you may not be right for me. We all think there’s one path for a successful life. The correct path only means it was correct for you. I try to never tell anyone what to do. How can I know what you’re meant to achieve in this life, or where your greatest life lessons will occur? I don’t know the divine plan, no one does. My wonderful Mother had many ideas on how I could reach my dreams. Being a contrarian, I refused to cooperate with her. When she died, those dreams died too. I guess they weren’t my dreams after all. I used to feel bad about not having children or being married, not because I wanted those things, but because it’s what women do. It confused me at first, because I thought I had to complete some imaginary check list of womanhood. Who made that list anyway? I’m so grateful I stayed true to myself. The road I’ve taken might not be a straight one, but I’m loving the view.

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