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Mindy Reflection #22

My father taught me to look at a freshly painted room and find the spot the painter missed. He called it a “holiday”, which I’m not sure is even a real word. What I think it means is that the painter went on a holiday instead of finishing painting the room. So I have a critical eye. I guess in my family the sport was finding the flaw. If I come to your home I will see the almost invisible spider web in the corner, and the art on your walls tilted a tiny bit off center. I am not proud of this trait, because I know what it’s like to have it turned in my direction. So, you have a critical eye too? It’s a great asset for picking ripe vegetables and fruit, but not necessarily great for living and enjoying life. If I look for the flaw in you, I might miss the beauty of you. If the painter missed a spot, isn’t it still a beautifully painted room? A critical eye is just that. Critical. What a tremendous waste of vision. I embrace all the imperfections of life. It’s the flaw that makes us so uniquely beautiful. Don’t let the negative part of what you think you see cheat you from seeing the beauty.

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