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Mindy Reflection #27

We all hold the divine spark within us. We all carry a light that shines bright, in fact we glow. However, my negative thoughts and actions can dim my light. On my computer, I can delete my browsing history at any time. I click a key, and my history is removed. I remember my history, but it is no more. All my negative thoughts, which lead me to negative actions, are in my history. The past colors my present. If I don’t filter this day through my historical negativity, then there is nothing dark about this day. In truth, the beauty of this day is in my hands. Sometimes, I have to delete my inner browser. If I clear my past history, I can step into the light. I have crystals in my home, they get dirty over time. Periodically, I have to wash them to let them reclaim their former beauty. Once cleansed, and cleared of their negativity, they shine. They seem to shine brighter than before. I had gotten so used to their dull sheen, that I had forgotten how magnificently light filled they could be. Today, I can delete my darkness and stand in my light.

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