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Mindy Reflection #28

Out of the corner of my third eye, I saw a dead animal in the road. I quickly turned my head away, and immediately informed my brain. My brain, who can be a bit of a bully at times, needed its own confirmation. Like a forensic investigator, I’m forced once again to revisit the crime scene. I’ve always marveled at the intuitive voice inside that says, “Look away, it really is a dead animal.” My brain, who is used to being in charge, likes to disregard that voice. I’ve learned the hard way who I should be listening to. In the past, my intuitive self would tell me that you were a withholding person. My brain disagreed and wanted me to date you, and even assured me, that in time I could change you. My intuitive self is still laughing over that one. In a similar situation, my intuitive self quietly observed that you were high maintenance, and emotionally draining. My brain vehemently disagreed and thought you were absolutely charming, and that we should be best friends. I feel tired just thinking about it. Yes, you were charming at first, but when you drained all the blood out of my body, I had to rethink our friendship. When I disregard my inner knowing, I sign up for a rollercoaster ride that goes around and around, heading nowhere. I once had to drive to a place I was unfamiliar with. I saw a huge sign saying, “Road Closed.” My brain suggested I ignore the sign. A quiet little voice in my head whispered, “It’s a giant sign!! How are you not seeing it?” I kept driving, pleased with myself because it looked like I was going to get away with it. Then I hit the barricade, and had to start all over again. It was a tremendous waste of time and energy. I am a woman of knowing. When I allow my brain to override my quiet truth, I’m signing up for a most unpleasant ride. The loudest voice isn’t always the one to listen to. Today, I will stand in my quiet knowing, and avoid all the roadblocks to my happiness.

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