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Mindy Reflection #30

I loved going to the penny candy store in the town where I grew up. Imagine how exciting it was to stand in front of all those jars filled with vibrantly colored, deliciously tasting candy. The worthless pennies of today, were the ticket to great abundance in my youth. I left the store with a brown paper bag filled with a hundred delights. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Just looking inside the bag set off all the pleasure centers in my brain. Funny what a dollar used to buy. It’s a little more complicated to recreate that sensation today. My tastes have developed over time, or rather my pleasure center has evolved. What used to delight me doesn’t anymore, it also costs a lot more than a penny. There are healthier ways to trigger those feelings of elation, but they don’t always seem as much fun. Part of evolving for me, is embracing and then discarding the behaviors that feel so damn good, but are not good for me. I paid the price for that candy filled youth and have the dental bills to prove it. I will always want to recreate those wonderful feelings from the candy store, but today I choose to do it in a sane, and healthy way.

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