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Mindy Reflection #40

I seek the holy grail. Crazy, right? I want the miraculous conversion that brings about an immediate transformation of my entire being. This desire is based on the science fiction movies of my youth. I was greatly affected by “The Incredible Shrinking Man”. A man goes through a radioactive mist and starts shrinking. What an incredible diet. Of course, he went too far, but who wouldn’t want to mist off a few extra pounds? Then there was the “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”. A jilted woman becomes a giant and wreaks havoc on the city where her cheating husband is hiding. I forget how she changed, it might have been an alien encounter, but that really doesn’t matter. All these stories are the same. In an instant an ordinary person becomes extraordinary. It’s the ultimate instantaneous transformation that I want. It might be possible to achieve with zero effort on my part if I could just be lucky enough to find an alien. Another favorite movie was “The Boy with Green Hair”. An orphan boy goes to sleep and when he wakes up in the morning he has green hair. How simple, no radioactive mist or alien encounters. He went to sleep and woke up transformed. Maybe I’m just lazy and don’t want to do the work, I just want the metamorphosis to happen. It’s tiresome to daily chop wood, carry water, and evolve. The day to day is often relentlessly slow, but that seems to be the only path being offered. Who wouldn’t want a transformational mist? The only way my hair will turn green is if I do it myself. I’ve had to work very hard to become a better version of myself. Isn’t that what the movies were showing me? Weren’t they telling me that it was possible to become so much more than I imagined? With or without a mist, I’m well on my way. I’ve been given a lifetime to accomplish my miraculous transformation. It may be slow and require my participation, but I feel blessed to get the chance to be amazed by who I might one day become.

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