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Mindy Reflection #43

What does it mean to trust your knowing? Isn’t it hard to speak your truth and sometimes not be understood? Isn’t it still your truth? Of course it is, but it can be a lonely journey at times. I only have one voice. I only have one way of being authentically Mindy in this life. It took forever to find my voice, but once I did it was uniquely mine. Not everyone can hear my voice, or even want to hear it. It’s like going to a fancy restaurant. The chef is good but I may not want to try his eye of newt sautéed in lamb’s tears. It might be very tasty, and I’m having a nightmare just thinking about it, but it does not resonate for me. That’s why we have so many choices and so many voices. It’s kind of wonderful really that each and every one of us has a truth that could touch a soul. No one touches every soul, if they did there would be no need for all of us to be on our path to wholeness. Do you ever wonder why the basic truths of life are said over and over again? Since ancient times, the messages have been the same. Sometimes they switch the messenger, but it’s still the same message of love, and oneness. It’s like trying to give a toddler medicine. First you try hiding it in applesauce, when that doesn’t work you keep coming up with new ways to trick that baby into taking the healing medicine it needs. We are maybe like that toddler, and the universe keeps coming up with the same healing message over and over again. It is always the same. The medicine is love and our coming together as one. Your voice is unique and needs to be heard. You never know who might be listening. Trust your knowing. You might be the voice that is calling to me.

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