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Mindy Reflection #49

Why do you doubt me? Why do I doubt me? If I can do something special or unique, I’m sure it’s not special or unique because I am doing it. I think this comes from the condition called “average syndrome”. When you are average and ordinary in all the areas where such things are measured, you assume that whatever you do is on the “average spectrum”. It’s not really fair. It’s not really true. I may be average, but we are the heroes in this story of life. We are the unexpected plot twist you never see coming. How many times have you heard about extraordinary acts of bravery from the average and the ordinary? We are the creators of surprise, which catches you all off guard and touches your heart beyond expectation. We are the bringers of hope that tell the undervalued that you are so much more than you were taught to believe. I stand proudly with the average among us. You have no idea what we can and will do. We also don’t know. In an instant an unexpected occurrence can bring out the hero in all of us. Through actions and words, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Today I celebrate the average. We will continue to walk unnoticed beside you and then one day you will be so surprised. We will touch your heart and blow your mind. You’ll never see it coming. We are everywhere and we feel so blessed to walk this path with you.

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