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Mindy Reflection #58

I can delete you. I can block you. I can make you disappear. Welcome to the world of social media. Sadly, even if I remove you, you’re still there. In fact, my action has bonded me to you more intensely than if I had just let you be. I once read an ancient magiIc book that taught how to diminish an enemy by writing their name in an upside down triangle. As your name got smaller, you did too. It also showed how to exalt you by reversing the process. I realized I neither want to exalt or diminish any soul. I don’t want you to cease to exist; I want to embrace your existence. I hate mushrooms. The thought of a Portobello doesn’t excite me. I would like all mushrooms to be removed from the earth. Mushrooms and mushroom lovers will never be acceptable to me, but they have a right to be on the planet. I may never understand your passion for mushrooms but as long as you don’t force your mushroom-ness all over me, you have every right to grow in the garden alongside the vegetables that I do love. We are all here for a reason. The idea of common ground and oneness is really about everyone being heard and allowing every one to exist side by side. The moon may not like the sun, but they have agreed to share the sky at different court appointed time periods. I’ve always been drawn to the yin yang symbol. The twining of opposites that perfectly balance each other. So, I guess the only problem is when one side tries to dominate the other. When we figure out how to co-exist and allow the opposites of our natures to not divide us, we might have a chance for a better world. I always think that when I am spirit again, I might see some mushroom lovers in heaven. As we are all in our soul selves, I assume we will greet each other with tolerance. I imagine myself rolling my angelic eyes and telling you how disgustingly annoying you were. Your only response will be “But it worked didn’t it? You found a way to open your heart to the soul hidden within me”. We are all souls figuring out how to find our oneness. It may take the earth longer than I had hoped, but if we can love instead of diminish, we might start to split the differences that are destroying all hope for a better world. Prayers for the future. I will never give up on the promise of a new day.

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