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Mindy Reflection #61

I recently found a dime on the street. I felt very lucky and was pleased with myself for not asking the “money gods” for a quarter, or a hundred-dollar bill left crumpled by a parking meter. I was also proud of myself for not assuming that one moment of luck would lead to an entire day of incredible good fortune. I used to think all things were connected, or maybe it’s just that I liked to connect them. I’ve always heard that good and bad things come in threes, but they also come in twos and fours. It’s easy to live life through the eyes of a fairytale imprinted in my consciousness and reaffirmed by everyone else who has also experienced that same magical thinking. Where is the genie who will grant me my three wishes, and why is it only three? I would assume that freeing you from the bottle that imprisoned you would be worth a hell of a lot more? It amuses me that I’m annoyed with an imaginary cheap genie who’s already cheated me of my good fortune. So, add fairytales with old wives’ tales and join me as I wait for the other shoe to drop. It’s not my fault that I want to turn a lucky moment into a continuous loop of lucky moments. When you find money on the street, someone usually tells you to rush right out and buy a lottery ticket. So, now you’ve spent more money than you’ve found because someone wanted to connect your moments. I’ve learned to enjoy the solitary gifts I’ve been given and when I no longer needed another gift to quickly follow, I found that I was never disappointed but instead deeply contented. I am amazed that an ordinary dime found on the street could make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. My wish for you is a single magical moment that touches your heart and fills you with joy.

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