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Relatively Random Musings #1

I have very big ears. It’s almost like they were meant for a much bigger head. Did I not reach my full head potential? Are my ears a signpost of how much further I need to grow? When I was created did they run out of normal sized ears? These are great questions to which there are no answers. All the parts of me are not perfectly aligned. Maybe they weren’t supposed to be. I can try to accept my tiny head and assume that those freakishly large ears of mine were a gift given to me to remind me to listen more closely to the words you are saying. Whatever you assume is wrong or out of alignment is there for a reason. The challenge will always be to embrace the largeness of my ears and see the wisdom of all the gifts I have been given. I sometimes need to rearrange my thinking in order to count my blessings. Today I feel doubly blessed by the gift of my two big ears. I also want to add that they only appear big compared to my shrunken sized head. It’s all relative.

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