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Relatively Random Musings #2

If we all hold sparks of the divine shouldn't we be much happier? Do we just not claim those sparks? Do we assume that a spark is not enough to embrace our divinity? Do we need to know just how much of a spark we’ve been given? Do I have enough sparks? I think it’s really up to the individual. The question is how divine do I want to be? Is it too much pressure to embrace the divine spark within us? Am I afraid that I will claim my divinity and be forced to be a missionary? Do I reject my inner divine self so I can be less and place someone else above me as the vehicle for my divinity? Good questions. I think I have been given a piece of the divine so I can be the decider of what parts of myself I want to nurture. It will always be my choice to tap into my highest self or to deny the divine within me. I can be more or I can be less. I can look outside myself for illumination or turn within to discover that along with the gift of the spark came a gift of knowing. Once I awoke to the divinity inside me I started to see the spark inside you. You are more angelic than you imagine. When you dare to stand in your light and claim your power you become an angel on earth. I am blessed to walk beside you.

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