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Relatively Random Musings #3

Insecure. Lacking in confidence. Needs a reflective mirror. These unattractive emotions usually appear after I have stepped way too far out on a limb. The tree branch can support me, so it’s not the fear of falling, but a fear of how ridiculous I look standing all alone on the end of that branch. Daring to be completely me without hesitation carries a lot of risk and a possible trip to the end of that lonely branch. It makes me feel foolish. When exposed for all to see, I start to doubt and mistrust my intuitive self. But what other choice do I have? To dial down my light? To mute the voice I worked so hard to find? To not speak my truth? I can’t do it! I choose the branch. I might feel a little miserable while I’m on it, but once I’m back on the ground I feel proud that I have lived with nothing unsaid and no heart inspired action not taken. After all, what else is there to do but live this life as brightly as you can.

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