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Mindy Reflection #6

I forgot how easy it is to give up my power? How easy it is to let you define me? You have done nothing wrong, It’s inside me. There are times when I can lose the woman I have become, the woman who lives in her light. When that happens no one is safe from my neediness. Innocent strangers are lured into my web. I am not particular, anyone will do. I offer up my best routines and engage to no avail. No one wants the job of keeping my ego afloat. I imagine the paparazzi at my door, and with every click of their camera, I grow in stature. Click! Click! Flash! Flash! My inflated self expands beyond a safe capacity! I explode into a million particles. I gather my fragmented self and call it a day. Sadly, my false hope balloon is filled with air; it will never sustain me. The only true external validation I will ever get is my own reflection in the mirror. When I choose to really look, I see soul Mindy and the beautiful light that shines through us all. We are all so beautiful.

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