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Mindy Reflection #7

My twin brother Mark died a day after we were born. I spent most of my life drowning in feelings of loss, separation, and survivor guilt. I longed to reunite with him once again in the spirit realm. One of the lessons of this lifetime for me was to understand that there was no separation between me and the spirit world. The illusion of separation was a gift given to me through the twin loss. I had to give up the idea of a physical twin in order to embrace the spiritual manifestation of him. The spirit world is as close as we desire. We are never alone and without comfort. Yes, it’s hard to let go of the physical, when my mother passed away I was desperate for her to come back to me. In a meditation she said to me, “I’m still here Mindy, are you ready to have a new relationship with me?”. If I can allow the form to change I can have a new relationship with the living and the dead. At what price do I lock you into a form? And who suffers the most for it? When I let you transform into who you are becoming now, I am also transformed by the surprising beauty of our new relationship.

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