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Mindy Reflection #11

You did not kill me but you changed me. You did not break my spirit but you altered my sense of self. You did not stop the flow of my life but you changed its trajectory. The vehicle of change doesn’t really matter, although painful, even horrific, in time it becomes the single event that changed my entire life completely. The change and not the event is what is brilliant beyond comprehension. I will experience all aspects of this life journey, of that I am certain. What I can’t predict, and it fascinates me, is how these life events awaken my soul and set me on a new path. It’s like a spiritual chiropractic adjustment that realigns my essence. What used to be so important isn’t. What was not important to me, now becomes something I treasure. As an ascending soul in a physical body, life events push me further up my soul ladder. Each rung on the ladder brings me closer to becoming the highest version of myself. Today I embrace all the vehicles of change that have made this transformation possible.

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