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Mindy Reflection #20

The cable and internet went out yesterday morning, not a great way to start the day. I called the technician, who had me running around like an idiot, turning off all the power sources. There was an outage in the area, so this was going to be my new normal for a while. I thought about my current reality. I imagined reading by candle light, and churning my own butter, which is silly because there was still some butter in the fridge. The silence around me was beautiful, I listened for the sound of birds, and gazed up at the sky. After about five minutes, I hated my new life. I love living in the modern world. I do not want to travel back in time. However, periodically I need to tune out the noise and power down. When I choose to look up from my phone, I see you. You are so beautiful. I’m sorry I forgot you were there. When I shift my gaze, I am awed by the view.

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