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Mindy Reflection #29

I had to buy a new mouse for my computer a few weeks ago. Every time I clicked, I seemed to be clicking in the wrong place. It was frustrating. How hard is it to control a mouse? I thought maybe it was malfunctioning because it was plugged into the keyboard instead of the back of the computer. I thought about moving it, but instead of acting on that thought, I decided to suffer a little longer. I have a perfectly wired, neat configuration at the back of my computer. I was proud of the order I had created and didn’t want to give it up. After three weeks of mouse trauma, I surrendered. I comforted myself by thinking I might be wrong about the plug, which meant I could put everything back the way it was and just take a mouse clicking class. I plugged the mouse into the back of the computer. It turned out to be the solution. I found it interesting that the mouse needed to be connected directly to the power source in order to function correctly. I realized that sometimes I also need to connect directly to the source. The solution for the mouse is the same solution for me. When I am malfunctioning and off center, I need to plug into the source. I need to make direct contact with you, with nature, with myself, and the spirits that surround me. It’s so fascinating that life and my ability to enjoy it is all about connecting. Today I will adjust my wires and power up to the source.

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