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Mindy Reflection #16

A TV show I’d been watching for three years was recently canceled. I was so relieved. It had become painful to watch. The writing declined, the storylines were weak, and the acting disappointing. I dreaded watching, but I couldn’t stop. You see, we had formed a relationship. I cared about you and every week I watched your life unfold. I applauded your victories and feared for your safety. I knew you would be canceled, and I’m not sorry, our relationship was already hanging by a thread. I think about the relationships in my life that are no longer working. They may have started out with a strong premier but are now slipping in the ratings. If you are not loving, not kind, and overly critical, I will not stick around and watch your performance. Step off, I only have time for love. I celebrate all the beautiful loving friends in my life. I am truly blessed to know you.

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