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Mindy Reflection #34

Thirty-three posts ago, I began this adventure. I admit I’m shocked I have lasted this long. I was nervous and insecure when I started posting. You gave me the confidence I needed to continue. You encouraged me which made me bolder. Through this process I have made a connection with you. I feel closer to you; in fact, we have become intimate. I didn’t imagine that would happen. I didn’t even know to want that. Thirty-three posts ago, I heard a little voice in my head prompt me to make that first post. I would normally refuse or resist until the spirits wore me down, but for some reason I don’t understand I said okay. This was not my idea. It is not even something I feel confident doing. I am a person who goes where the energy leads me. I trust the energy that flows through my life. I do not know why I am doing this or for how long I will be doing this. If you hate my posts, be comforted that one day they will stop. If you are enjoying my posts, I’m so happy because they are for you, and you keep the energy flowing. At different times in our lives we can become a vehicle. It has not been revealed to me what I am the vehicle for. At this point, I am just the typist. What I do know is that we are in this together. Maybe we will both find out at the same time what this adventure has been all about. Most of all I wanted you to know that you helped to bring this forward. Had you not connected with me on that first post, I would probably have run right back into my mouse hole. So, you are a part of this. You helped to make this possible. I will try to keep doing this writing as long as the spirits want me to. When the energy fades away, I will too. Until then, I thank you for taking this journey with me. It is changing me, I don’t know in what way yet, but I feel it and am confident that when this is done, I will become a better Mindy.

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