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Mindy Reflection #35

Like a dog with a bone. We’ve all heard that expression. We’ve all had a run in with one or two of those types. They can take the form of boss, neighbor, or lover. They usually have a little Napoleon complex; they feel slight in prestige, so they try to dominate or control your personal space. If you engage, they latch onto you and gnaw on your bones. They are a dog with a bone and you’ve just become dinner. They are idle souls, so fighting with you has just given them a purpose. I accidently was provoked into a turf war. One of my weaknesses is anyone trying to control me or invade my sanctuary. I was perfect bait. The war began, and neither of us were going to win. It was a terrible waste of my time and energy. I never bother remembering my dreams. I feel if the unconscious wants me to know something, they need to just tell me straight out. I will not play the guessing game. So when I do remember a dream it’s pretty memorable. In the dream the little Napoleon was sleeping happily in my kitchen garbage. It seemed I had given him the keys to my home to enter whenever he desired. The dream was brilliant for me. I instantly knew that by engaging in the battle I had lost my sanity. He was the garbage filling up my brain. I prayed to find a solution. I was never going to change or enlighten Napoleon. Even though I really didn’t want to, I started to be very loving and kind to the little man. My kindness seemed to give him the attention he needed. I let him feel important and valued, and in the process of giving that to him, he no longer had access to my thoughts. I was free of him. In letting him exist in the way that he needed, he ceased to exist for me at all. If I engage, I forfeit my peace of mind. The Napoleons of the world want to be in your head. The more you think of them the taller they feel. By not engaging, you become their Waterloo. No one has power over me unless I give them the house keys.

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