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Mindy Reflection #38

I have a small window of patience, and that window just closed while I was writing this. Let’s see if I can hang in a little longer. The slow unfold doesn’t work for me. If you are going to reveal yourself, show me now. If you’ve got something to give, why am I still waiting? Yes, I’m impatient, I’ve always been and no matter how hard I try it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. In the past, the universe has given me many boring opportunities to work on this. I’ve walked away from all those experiences unchanged, and annoyed with how boring it was to watch time not fly. I’m accepting who I am and embracing it. In the past, I struggled to overcome my inability to wait endlessly for you, for life, for my happiness to unfold. I’m not waiting any longer. Time is running out, and I’m determined to make the remaining moments count. If I’m reading a book and you haven’t won me over by fifty pages, I need to move on. If you’re an entertaining movie or series, and I’m not entertained in twenty minutes, I get to switch the channel. If you’re trying to engage me in some ego driven competition, or manipulation, I'm not playing your game because I don’t have to. If you need or want something from me, speak up, don’t make me guess, that eats up time. If you’re passive aggressive, go away. I don’t have the time or energy to walk on eggshells. However, if you have an open heart and want to connect in an honest authentic way, I have all the time in the world. In fact, your very essence makes time stand still. The magical combination of heart and soul is what’s worth waiting for. So maybe my lack of patience and desire to not waste time has more to do with the authenticity of the person or experience being offered? When there is an opportunity for a heartfelt exchange, I find I have an abundance of time and patience. It’s those connections that are the hidden treasures of this life. When I review my journey on earth, I’m not surprised that those special moments and experiences shine the brightest. I thank you for touching my heart, it was worth waiting for.

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