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Mindy Reflection #41

On behalf of the Galactic Confederation, we implore you to cease your attempts to travel to other realms. After careful review of your history we have unanimously decided that your desire to find a suitable replacement planet for your species should be stopped immediately. How can I say this nicely? We don’t want you anywhere near other life forms. You’ve already been given a planet to care for and live on. How’d that go for you? At this point there is no indication that you would treat a new planet any differently. If you must persist in space travel, stay focused on Mars. We’ve placed that planet directly in your path as a distraction. Expect a lot of Martian themed activity in the next few months. This charade is for your benefit. Did you actually think extraterrestrials wanted to visit earth? What would they learn, what not to do? Yes, there are other life forms but they voted to have nothing to do with you. If in the future, we see proof of a profound shift in the care and respect for all the inhabitants of your planet, and of course the planet itself, we might reconsider our decision. On a lighter note, we find you very entertaining, and although we don’t want to be your neighbor, you’ve given us many mirthful moments. Global warming, famine, wars, and inequality. These are very serious problems which you don’t seem to have made any significant strides in changing. Your ability to ignore all the danger signs have had us rolling on the floor laughing. You must see how funny you are? Of course you want a new planet to live on? You’ve pretty much destroyed the one you’re on. So for now consider yourself cosmically blocked. We hope you understand; we just can’t risk another earth debacle. This Galactic transmission has now ended. “Over and Out” planet earth. Thanks for the laughs.

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