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Mindy Reflection #44

A man walks down the street and bends to smell a flower. Boring story, let’s try this again. A man walks down the street and is hit in his third eye by a fragment of a meteor falling to earth. As he drops to the ground the mysteries of the universe are revealed to him. I lean close to hear what he has learned. He croaks out the word “butternut” before dying. Could the word “butternut” be the password that unlocks the mysteries of the universe? Do I need to find its numerical value to break the code? What if he was just hungry and wanted me to get him some “butternut squash”? I could have misheard him and what he was really saying was “you're a nut”. Trying to unlock the secrets of the universe can make a girl a little nutty. Who wouldn’t want to discover what is hidden? I would create a new religion based on the gospel of “butternut” if that would remove the veil. I have heard, but can’t prove, that when you leave your body you get back your soul sight and all is illuminated. Sadly, in our earth bodies we are limited in what we are allowed to know. I guess too much information doesn’t help us to complete our journey. In a meditation I once asked my guides if it was possible for me to reach a higher level of knowing. They said “What if you have already reached the highest level of knowing available to you in this life. Hasn’t it been enough? What if the next level of knowing comes as you transition to the spirit world? What more could you possibly need to know? How would it help you now?” They were right, there was nothing more I needed to know. A man walks down the street and bends to smell a flower. In an instant he is filled with deep joy at the mystery and beauty of life. He doesn’t need to know the secrets of the flower to marvel at its perfection. Just because I want to know doesn’t mean I need to. I’ve already been given everything I need to fulfill my soul journey.

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