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Mindy Reflection #45

I was crossing a street late at night. It was not well lit and I might have been wearing dark colors. I was midway in the crosswalk when I saw a car racing towards me. I couldn’t move out of the way and I knew the driver didn’t see me. I felt frozen in place. All of a sudden something turned my body the slightest degree. The force of the car speeding past me made my hair and clothes blow. I had been moved out of the car's path, not by a dramatic leap on my part or a deus ex machina from above, but by an unseen presence that moved me an inch out of harm’s way. I was stunned. It seemed unbelievable. Clearly it was not my time to go. There are angels near who assist us on our journey. I remember waiting for a horrible test result. I was anxious and having trouble falling asleep. I heard a voice say out loud “I’m not ready to leave yet”. I knew it was the voice of soul Mindy. She’s the wise one on the other side who never seems to tell me her secrets. She let me know that we were not finished with our earth experience. I guess she’s the decider of our timeline. I’ve never forgotten her voice or that night in the crosswalk. It gave me proof positive that there is a divine plan for all of us. I am here until it is time to go home. I thank all the angels, known and unknown, who have protected and guided me on my journey. I trust the divine plan and am comforted that everything is in order. I can embrace all my experiences because if it is happening it is meant to be happening. What a relief to leave my doubts behind me. I live in peace as I watch the story of my life unfold.

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