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Mindy Reflection #50

I didn't see it coming. I also can't see where it’s going. Can you? Not really, you're just guessing, or hoping, or projecting your worst fears. I’m fascinated by the upcoming end of the world. I love the story of Chicken Little. He perceives the sky is falling and his world is ending. He runs around terrorizing all the other chickens. If the sky is falling what could those chickens do to stop it? Was Chicken Little trying to warn them or incite them to action or did he just not want to be alone with his fears? Everyone has a spin and because no one can project the future the spin is not very comforting because it lacks truth. In order to feel safe, I tell myself a story that I hope you will believe. The story is always the spin that addresses our favorite question. Will I be okay? It’s our universal desire for a bedtime story that won’t give us nightmares. No one knows the future. We’re all just flipping a coin. Heads you win, tails we’re toast. I watched a show on Nostradamus recently, I thought I should bone up on Armageddon. When they interpret his prophesies in hindsight they fit perfectly, but future forecasting? Not so much!! Life can be a blindside. Once the shock and anger subsides, it's just like any other day where we worry what the future will hold and if we'll be okay. When my parents died I thought I would never stop grieving. When I had a double mastectomy I thought I would never feel whole again. When the World Trade Center collapsed I thought my broken heart would never heal. Life can surprise you in a most pleasant and unpleasant way. We never see it coming but one day we walk out of the darkness of our personal hell and find the desire to continue with a bigger spirit than we had before. My heart can be broken but my life force cannot be stopped. I will close my ears to the Chicken Little chatter and wait to see what the future has in store for me. If the sky should happen to fall, we’ll just have to pick up the pieces and create a better sky.

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