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Mindy Reflection #51

In my childhood bedroom I used to think there was a secret door hidden in my closet. I would sometimes have to check, that’s how certain I was that it existed. The secret door opened to a bedroom similar to my own, but it was less ornate and simple, and best of all secret. That room still exits for me today. It was never in my closet, but deep inside me. I used to think there was a doorway to another dimension at the bottom of a swimming pool. That thought came from a most excellent “Twilight Zone” episode. I would sit at the bottom of the pool waiting for a secret doorway to open. I wasn’t recreating the episode, I wanted my version of it. Today I’ve found that doorway to another dimension – the key that opened it was inside me. These thoughts I had as a child were treasure maps for future Mindy. They were gifts given that would help me to find the peaceful place of solitude within me and the doorway to heaven. We are given many signs to guide us on our journey. The images that get stuck in my brain are there for a reason. Sometimes it can take me a long time to figure it out, but when I do, I am always led to a deeper awareness of myself and the world in which I live. When I was young, if I touched an object on the right bed stand, I felt obligated to touch a similar object on the left bed stand. I was paying them equal respect and honoring their value. Without knowing it, I had learned the great universal truth that we are all of equal importance in the universe. I also learned that there was an aliveness and connectedness to all objects and aspects of life. We are all one, and we are all the beautiful treasures that make up this universe. If my eyes at first can’t always see it, my heart always knows that this is the truth. Today I celebrate the markers on my path that pointed me towards my future knowing. Not everything is a sign, but I will investigate them all as if they might possibly unlock the precious gifts of true wisdom and love for all the creatures of this planet.

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