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Mindy Reflection #52

Captain’s log from the starship M-terprise. We’ve been drifting through space in an endless circling of the planets. Just so you know, it feels like I’m not going anywhere, but I’m committed to the journey of nowhere. It’s become a bit disappointing to see the same sights over and over again. I feel adrift; the ship keeps moving but my energy is depleted and I have lost my enthusiasm. Maybe I’ve spent too long in space. Maybe I have to stop looking for new frontiers. It was so exciting when I first boarded the starship, but at that time I thought there was a greater destination planned. Somehow it feels like the course has been altered, so instead of mind bending discoveries, I’m charting familiar ground. It’s not what I thought it would be. Can I turn the ship around and quit this madness? No, I can’t stop the ship; it is already in motion. There’s no redo switch in space travel. So even when my heart isn’t always engaged in this trip of exploration, I must try to adjust my expectations and hope for the best. I can’t give up now, I still believe in the promise of a new day. When my ship gets aggressively pelted by space debris, I will not be knocked off course. I trust that in time I will review the captain’s log and see it in a new light. I know I will discover that the journey was shorter than I realized and more satisfying than I remembered. I know that one day I will understand that what felt like an uneventful experience was actually significant in ways beyond my imagining. Sometimes in space you can miss the finer details that are lost in the shadow of the showier planets. I believe that when I am able to expand my vision I will see more clearly the wisdom of this mission and the incredible privilege of being a participant in the ever-expanding consciousness of this incredible universe. Thank you for allowing me to board the ship, forgive me for my wavering faith. No one wants a whiny captain, I must trust more and judge less. Stay the course fellow travelers, we will eventually accomplish our lofty dreams for this universe.

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