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Mindy Reflection #63

I decided to make this sixty third post my final thoughts for the year. I wonder what will happen in the new year. It’s great fun that I haven’t a clue. I always like to pretend I know where I’m going and what will unfold, but I don’t know. I also like to pretend that I know in advance what I will and will not do, which is actually anyone’s guess. You never know what you know until the moment and the energy of that moment arrives. Writing these posts has been a real surprise for me. I didn’t think I could do it and certainly not for this length of time. It makes me wonder if next year I will discover something else about myself that I was sure I couldn’t or wouldn’t do. For years I always knew what I wanted. I prayed for it, longed for it, and cried over it. Today, there is nothing in my life that I’m praying, longing, or crying over. I feel like a slacker who’s stepped out of the mainstream, but that’s okay because maybe I’m in a different stream that suits me better for now. Everything that happens around me and to me changes the energy of me. Even if I thought I knew where my life was going in the new year, once the energy of that year unfolds it will take me where I’m meant to be. What I’m trying to say is that the energy isn’t here yet, so whatever I say now is based on an energy that I haven’t experienced yet. The new energy will start to slowly unfold in the new year. That energy will lead me towards who I will be and what I will do. I want to be surprised again, I want to say to the Universe “Thank you! I did not know I was this!” In a meditation, I once asked my guides what my best lifetime was. Before they even answered I knew they would say this one. I was pretty underwhelmed when they did! Then I realized that what makes a great life isn’t the external but the internal growth of the soul. When measured with heavenly scales I understood that this was a lifetime of going from darkness to light. My greatest soulful lifetime so far. As the new energy of the year unfolds, I hope it will bring us all a little closer to the light. Love and blessings for the new year.

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